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Counter-Strike Online (CSO) WallHack, SpeedHack May 2012

1. First, go to this website to download the file (
2. Translate if you is confuse about the page
    *click the link indicated by the arrow

3. *click the link indicated by the arrow

4. The new page will appear after clicking the link above, wait until loading is completed and the website will download automatically.

5. The name of the cheats is CSO_Loader and CSO_ShowStatus, the cheats is in one zip file


Make sure antivirus is turned off first of all, this software is actually free of the virus.
Just because it took an internet connection, antivirus virus going to consider.
A. Extract the zip file its
2. Run the file CSOloader.exe
3. Enter your CS installation directory path, select a file launcher in your cs folder "Bin"
4. Wait a while until the "RUN CS" at the top can be clicked. can not be clicked if you have to click one of the ads that appear in the middle.
5. After clicking the RUN button CS, wait until CSnya road. Usually if you first open the program, before entering the login dialog ID or stuck going to be stuck. later in the ALT TAB just select your graphic driver information dialog and click OK. Repeat instruction number 2. usually told to wait again to close the program cheatnya.

key command for it:
Numpad 1: Fog (Do not know for what)
Numpad 2: Lambert (Light or not Caracter Enemy (as WH)
Numpad 3: Light {(Wall mode / map) some bright, normal / nanpa color}
Numpad 4: Wallhack (Active / Nonactive WH)
Numpad 5: Smoke (Non active Antismoke / diactive)
Numpad 6: Flash (anti flashbang Active / nonactive)
Numpad 7: DotColor (Changing colors Dotsight (no crosshair))
Numpad 8: Dotsize (Dotsight Size)
Numpad 9: Menu (active Nonactive)
Numpad 0: Aimbot (only for Nvidia)
Numpad *: Aim the target (which is above Dotsight Caracter)
Numpad: JK Zoom (Ngezoom senajta No Snipe

to who played on the laptop and confused Numpad where just press Fn F11 and press:

Numpad 1 = J
Numpad 2 = K
Numpad 3 = L
Numpad 4 = U
Numpad 5 = I
Numpad 6 = O
Numpad 7 = 7
Numpad 8 = 8
Numpad 9 = 9
Numpad * = P
Numpad = /


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